Leaders, learners and learning…


AT the start of this term, I stepped into the Campus Coordinator role and I am living proof that being in one’s element is liberating, energising and promotes learning and personal and professional growth. More about that in another post.

In my new role, over the last few weeks I have been part of many different discussions (some for the first time) with different combinations of leaders at our campus. At first I was processing the content within the context of that discussion only. But as I participated in more discussions I was able to make connections conceptually (as had others) and these became part of our discussions. Much of what we have been talking about is connected to the same outcome – assessment for and of teaching and learning.

These are the conversations I am referring to:
positive psychology, student well being and the role it plays in promoting thinking and learning,
data wise – a process for measuring the effectiveness of our teaching, learning and assessment,
SREAMS PD, an online program for recording assessment and the possibilities available through it for accurately informing our teaching,
assessing mathematical thinking accurately with our Numeracy coordinator,
our recent (to be continued) LTL investigation into our writing rubrics,
Parent Teacher Interviews, 3 Way Interviews and Student Led Conferences – the differences between them and the benefits of giving feedback on learning in each of these formats
changes to our official reporting documents to parents,
Y6 into 7 handover information and process: what is important for Y7 teachers to know about each learner and how best to do it
improving teaching and learning through improving IT facilities in our shared learning environment

As a group of leaders, we are always learning about best practise and are now much better at:

identifying the different components of the big picture,
prioritising and addressing each component so as to aim for the best outcomes,
reflection and evaluation,
dedicating the time needed to bring about effective change for improving teaching and learning.
investing in our leaders and teachers

This can only happen when your leaders (at all levels of leadership):
are passionate about teaching and learning,
keep the learner at the centre of learning (learners being both student and teacher and self),
are open minded and risk takers,
can work collaboratively,
know when to apply pressure and when to back off,
can admit mistakes and learn from them,
can identify and work within the zone of proximal development for each member of a team,
drive ongoing development of their own understanding of teaching and learning,
drive ongoing development of the teachers understanding of teaching and learning,
build a culture that values learning in all its styles and differentiates for the ongoing interests and needs of all learners,
builds a culture that values the learner,
have a sense of humour.

Driving ongoing development of teaching and learning from within will require strategy, collaboration, inclusion, knowledge and understanding, big picture thinking, grit, patience, paradigm shifts, enthusiasm, calculated trial and error, evidence, reflection and time, time, time.

I for one, am honoured and excited to be a member of this amazing learning community.