“How can I develop authentic reflective learners?” take #5

In an earlier post I shared about my plans for developing authentic reflective learners who move towards taking ownership of their learning.

At first my students’ reflections were quite simplistic and focused on their behaviour, which was relevant but I wanted them to go deeper. We have now been through the “River of Learning” reflective process three times. Bearing in mind that reflection happens on an ongoing basis for my learners, the students’ weekly reflections now show greater insight into their efforts to be reflective and to take ownership of their learning.

The weekly “River of Learning” reflective process is being owned more by them too. They ask to do it and most don’t need me to support them anymore. They are engaged and the sharing is purposeful and sincere.

I love reading their reflections and their goals. I am so excited for my students and for myself. I am learning to let go and they are learning to take ownership.


“How can I develop authentic reflective learners?” take #4

Sharing their learning journey with each other.

Sharing their learning journey with each other.

Excited to share…

In Friday’s post, How can I develop authentic reflective learners? take # 3 I described my plans for trying out a new structure, River of Learning, for reflecting about their learning journey for that week.

Very worthwhile…

I could not believe how engaged my student were. They took their preparation seriously, they shared with their partners and didn’t go off topic, they willingly summarised their journey as best they could and even asked for more time to write more. They set pertinent goals supported by purposeful plans of action for achieving them.

I observed eagerly, took photos and helped only when called upon, which was only twice. They took complete ownership of the process and persevered in moments of uncertainty. I am so proud of their attitude and enthusiasm. And I am so thrilled that they all thought the process was very worthwhile.

What did they share and write about? What goals did they set? What plans of action did they create?

Some were very basic, others more detailed. But the learner and the learning was evident in each reflection. They all show promise for becoming powerful reflective learners and they all demonstrated a desire to take ownership of their learning. Have a look to see them in action.

I am so looking forward to watching this reflective journey unfold.