Finding my (blogging) voice again…


For a variety of reasons I won’t go into here, I lost my blogging voice for a while. Our recent professional development on the “now literacies” facilitated by Silvia Tolisano (@langwitches) reinvigorated my belief in the benefits of blogging for me. And the benefits of sharing my learning with others and inviting feedback. For the last two months I have created part and whole blog posts without posting them. Having experienced how valuable blog posts can be for my own learning through the writing process itself and from comments others may leave, I feel energised to post again. Blogging is a way to document for learning – my learning, my students’ learning and anyone who reads my posts. Reading other people’s blogs is informative, sometimes intimidating or infuriating and often inspiring. Putting my thoughts out there for others to ponder, debate (or ignore) is a way to contribute. I grew up in a culture where my role was to be that of a traditional consumer of information. Times have changed and are changing. Our students are growing up in a culture where they are producers and contributors and we need to embrace this change too- as Silvia Tolisano pointed out to us repeatedly. While participating in the PD, I felt empowered to write again. I also feel grateful to other bloggers who produce and contribute. How can I read and consume their contributions without giving back every now and then? SO I am going to leave comments on their blog posts and I’m going to post again. I might even finish a couple of my unfinished posts and post them. How about you?