Where is each learner at? … Start with the learner…

Start where each learner is at every time!

Start where each learner is at every time!

Start with the individual learner…

I have 22 students, each different to the other. Each entered my care from their own starting point.
Each personality has their own way of…
doing things,
reacting to situations,
seeing things and

Each individual has been shaped by…
their past experiences of learning,
their interactions with other teachers, students, family members,
their world.

Each of my incredible students has their intellectual and emotional strengths,
each has skills they are learning to master,
each has their interests, dreams and hopes.
Each student has their own goals.
Each student lives what they have learned thus far.
Each student has their fears.
Each student has their expectations.
Each student looks to me as a role model.
Each student will live what they learn from their interaction with me.

I have …
my way of viewing the world, communicating with my students,
my expectations,
my dreams and hopes,
my plans, my aims and goals for myself and for my learners.
I have a curriculum to guide my students along.

My plans and intentions for each learning engagement need to be open to meeting each child at their starting point.

I regularly get caught up in the moment and slip into the mindset that my students start that learning engagement at the same entry point. I forget…
that they have not all processed the instructions in the same way,
that they may have other priorities and concerns at that point in time,
that they don’t all learn in the same way,
that they can’t always get started/ finished just because I have said “Let’s begin/ continue/ finish off!”
that they don’t always have the skills (thinking, communication and self management) required.

When my students…
don’t get it,
don’t know what to write,say or think
haven’t started,
have misinterpreted instructions,
are doing it differently to what I expected,
claim to be finished…

I need to remember that each is an individual and meet them where they are at without judgement, with care and thoughtfully. Set them up for success.

My students and I are a work in progress!


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