Constructing meaning through talking…take #2

Constructing meaning through talking and listening to each other.

Constructing meaning through talking and listening to each other.

In an earlier post , Circle Time I had an “Aha!” moment and endeavoured to set my students up for success. Today I did!

Inner circle / outer circle…

I shared with my students that I had thought about our “Circle Time” lesson and realised that they were engaging in private conversations because they had their thoughts to share and using one large circle only allows one person to speak at a time. I then introduced the inner/ outer circle structure and we had our “Why are we doing it” conversation. The photopeach captions sums up our conversation.

They were keen to give it a go…

We got into the inner/ outer circle structure, I explained what their focus would be and the thinking and sharing began.

I know it worked…

I noticed everyone was focused, on task, cooperating, collaborating when they got stuck (even though this was not in the instructions), thinking, sharing, learning from each other, engaged and taking ownership of their learning.

They thought it worked too…

Later in the day, in their bubble catcher books, when they reflected on how they were doing during this learning engagement – they had come to the same conclusion as me. They will also be commenting on their experience on our class blog on Monday and I will insert the link so you can hear from them.

I can’t wait to spend time learning with them next week…


One thought on “Constructing meaning through talking…take #2

  1. Wow! See the difference? 100% engagement… and they are talking about learning! You could look at the TD skills and see which ones were happening here… Or even get the kids to?

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