“How can I develop authentic reflective learners?” take #1…

I have given a lot of thought to this question as it presented part of the answer to another question I have been grappling with for ages,namely, “How can I get my learners to take ownership of their learning?”.

Finding a way…
I tried a variety of ways, but they didn’t seem to develop a reflective mindset. Some led to insightful reflections but not much more. Then I met Sam Sherratt and heard about how his students use bubble catchers to capture their thoughts about their learning journey. A while later I read a post about this on Sam’s blog His post shows his students using their bubble catchers to reflect on their week and set goals for the week ahead – I noticed that there seemed to be genuine ownership of learning taking place. I loved it!

Taking the plunge…
I read and thought about Sam’s blog post several times. Last Friday I took the plunge. I had been focusing on making learning explicit since the year started by asking two key questions: “What are we doing?” and “Why are we doing it?” I was very excited and my students could see that. We discussed the idea of using bubble catchers to help us reflect on our learning. I introduced a third question, “How am I doing?”. I modelled a few examples of how we could use these three questions to reflect on our own learning journey for the week.

They then had a go at gathering their thinking about their first week of learning and jotting these down in any way they liked in their bubble catcher. The intention being that they would then be able to use these notes to share how they had been doing.

A lot of confusion…
They found it very hard to know what to write. After conferencing with a few of them, I realised they didn’t quite get the purpose behind the bubble catcher. I needed to find a way to get them excited about using their bubble catcher.I also realised I needed to make the whole process of reflecting simple and explicit.

I thanked them for persevering and explained that I needed to give it some thought so that I could find a way to make things clearer for them, and for me. I asked them not to form any conclusions yet about using their bubble catchers and to please keep an open mind.

After hours of considering and rejecting ideas, the only thing clear to me was that I had to find a way.



2 thoughts on ““How can I develop authentic reflective learners?” take #1…

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  2. Lovely to read your first post and particularly the backwarding and forwarding as you learn with your students. I can identify with growing ideas with the children and building from there,

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